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Desc:It gets neither better nor worse, merely infinite.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:derrickcomedy, Donald Glover, hot licks, reality sing-a-long, thomas jefferson
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Comment count is 13
wasn't sure this was going to come up with laughs but it did, it really really did
Yeah, usually "Derrickcomedy" and "funny or die" are big red flags. I expected the whole thing to be like the first minute.

The reality sing-a-long is a particularly cruel and inventive concept. Bravo.

Jet Bin Fever
Surprisingly entertaining despite some relatively weak performances.
I was more impressed than the initial five seconds would have led me to believe.
This is surprisingly good for how textbook "absurdist sketch" it is.

The last line takes away a lot though. They didn't trust the smart stuff enough.
Aggro Craig
It's not so much "absurdest sketch", I mean, any sketch show as done crazier stuff than this. It's that it approaches it earnestly and completely, rather than half-assing it like SNL or being crazy just to be crazy like the rest of the internet. I feel this is like if a character from a Terry Pratchett book came to our universe.

Aggro Craig
But yeah, the last line completes it but also dulls the edge.

2:45 and onward earns the bulk of the stars.
Jesus, really guys? I'm gonna have to change some opinions I've had of you before now.
Oh, lighten up.

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