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Desc:I was victim of 'The Killer' once
Category:General Station
Tags:high five, trippandtyler, dontbethatguy
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Comment count is 11
I disagree, the Faker and 12 Stepper need to be punched
Mike Tyson?!
I do The Killer all the time to people I don't like but still try to be sociable with me.
the killer is for people you trust and treasure

Roughly the distance you can throw a microwave
When I think about it, he's exactly right!

I don't do high-fives because I don't like putting myself out there only to be rejected.
Do you want a hug?

I want a piggyback.

The trick to a 100% successful high-five is to look at the other person's elbow. Works every time.
Yellow Lantern
Confession time: a friend and I would do the Fresh Prince completely unironically back in middle school.
The narrator is concerned we won't watch out for the Ball & Socket
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