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Desc:Lovecraftian first person survival horror.
Category:Horror, Video Games
Tags:h.p. lovecraft, grue, frictionalgames, Amnesia: The Dark Descent
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Jet Bin Fever
Another one of those games where you wander around endlessly hoping to trigger the "random" event when you pick up a candle or a book.
As much as I'd like to see a Delta Green based action CRPG, having an M-60/plasma grenade launcher in a story based on "The Outsider" would deduct from the threat the player would feel from the antagonists.

Innocent Bystander
I Can't See Dick: The Game.
I can show you: The Better Game

Which flick was scarier?

The first Alien movie where you didn't really see all of the xenomorph until near the end or any one of the latter shoot-em-ups?

Light sources that aren't really make this. Fire, how does it work?
motherfucking photons

This is on sale until Nov 2 for .
I'd buy it but it doesn't look compelling on any level.

Videos of ANY horror game really doesn't convey what it's like to play yourself.

This game is scary, but oddly it's a lot scarier once you turn the sanity effects off. It's just too off putting to have my character gasping at everything; it's the horror equivalent of a laugh track.

Been waiting for this since I finished Penumbra. Hell fucking yes.
Going for no interface at all was certainly a risky move, but it's pretty unique in that regard.
All of you suck. This game rules.
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