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Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:80s, school bus, chimps, junk food, fruit roll-ups
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Comment count is 14
The Mothership
They look like they're having fun, but later they ate the hands off a cameraman.
The Townleybomb
Boy, this is another commercial that I remember perfectly with brain cells that I could instead be using to understand calculus.
Caminante Nocturno
I'm worried that my elderly senility will involve forgetting all of my friends and family but not shit like this ad.

Cha cha cha is pretty much the embodiment of originality and skill in jingle writing.

The stars are for the monkeys.
Were the monkeys hiding behind all those apes?

Right turn Clyde.
You should not give fruit roll-ups to chimps.
Robin Kestrel
That's right. Because of the flatulence.

The mood isn't gonna be so light when they realize that bus is sending them to a fruit roll up farm to pick produce.
That guy
The laugh's on whoever thinks he can get chimps to pick produce in any productive sense.

Herding cats ain't got nothin' on that.

I don't think that bus is actually moving
oh to be present in the conference room when this ad idea was pitched
The Mothership
You mean the toilet stall with the cocaine?

How did they find so many George W. Bush lookalikes on such short notice!?
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