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Desc:Suck snot out of your infant's nose with your mouth.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:snot, suck, mucus, motherhood, dont talk that way to me - when you were a baby I.
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Comment count is 8
Maybe we were better off testing new borns in frigid water.
Kids face is priceless.
My parents never did this, and that snot something I regret.
Goofy Gorilla
why would you do this, teeth-lady? Why would anyone ever do this?
is it possible to use this device on yourself? could actually be useful if so...gross, but useful.
also genuinely don't know how to rate this. its boring. and weird. but pretty boring. 3 i guess.

La Loco
This is fuked up. I bet she's gonna give her kids serious issues later in life due to this.
Actually, someone in my lab has one and loves it. Babies can't really breathe through their mouths and your parent instincts freak out when they have a stuffy nose, and apparently this is a lot better than the nose sucker bulb thing.

When its 3 am and your baby is crying and you've already handled its shit and piss and it came out of your body, sucking a little mucus out of its nose is no biggy.
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