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Desc:aka shameless product placement
Category:Crime, Advertisements
Tags:oreo, hearings, 7th heaven, Shameless Product Placement Week, Phil Rosenthal
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Comment count is 18
So that's who is responsible for Everybody Loves Raymond. Why does he make so much sense? Why do I like him?

oh well, now that Henchman 24 is no more it shouldn't be that hard to forget that the show or Ray Romano ever existed anyway.
Wait, Ray Romano didn't create Everybody Loves Raymond? What the fuck?
Nyms Lives!
3:26 - very sneaky. "Product integration" for Sony DVD players during a Congressional hearing!

Neil Gaiman once mentioned on Twitter that somebody approached him for product placement in his novels, and he had a mild freak out about himself over it.
I knew there was a reason I don't like Oreo Cookies.
Neil Gaiman once mentioned on Twitter that he took a giant shit that had been several days in coming and felt incredibly satisfied afterwards
I wonder how all those products placed in Congress felt about being called out like that?
Sorry, "integrated."


He's fighting the good fight, but calling it a "new practice" is bull.

Except that's a commercial.

kind of. they used to work them into the shows. they stuff they do now is only slightly less obvious.

I have a new Hollywood hero. He puts it all so much more eloquently than I ever could.
I thought he was going to reference the Smallville episode where Pete gains powers from chewing Kryptonite irradiated Stride gum.

these stars are for the Oreo engagement ring. The rest deserves another 6 or 7.

They should just make it legally required that the screen flash red before every product placement.
i like this guy
The Mothership
Just following the 7th heaven tag, and was rewarded. Great clip.
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