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Desc:brilliant cat trick
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:cat, Trick, short and sweet, CATegory, maine coon
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Comment count is 17
La Loco
Can I has racist cat?
Dread Pirate Roberts
What do you even mean?

Tom Collins
Its breed.

Rape Van Winkle
Anything named for its similarity to a raccoon must hate niggers.

Dread Pirate Roberts
Strange trick. Five for Maine-coons. They're awesome.
I had a cat that would close his eyes and stretch his neck way out when you patted his butt like that.
My cat just runs away.

I had a cat that was part maine coon and when you patted him that way he fell over.

How to get your cat ready to blow you
you've got to wonder if there is a FAQ for that.

I mean poe-red even had that FAQ for having sex with your car and that other one for having sex with dolphins, there's gotta be one for cats too.

Another trick I've observed people can get Maine Coons to do involves giving their ear tufts a little pull.

(This results in you getting to watch the tuft-puller deal with a Maine Coon going from zero to MURDER in 0.0001 seconds.)
The best trick that my Maine Coon does is where he does his impression of a pillow.
They get so noisy though. And he gets all annoyed when I try to fluff him up.

White Trash Party
No. I love maine coons as I used to have one, but that is not a "trick".
That was beyond worthless.

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