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Desc:I think it's enjoying it, like a little furry snowplow
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:cat, snow, Scandanavia, Viking, hop
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Killer Joe
Almost Cross Country Cat. Almost.

http://en.wikivisual.com/index.php/Image:Pisten_bully_winchcat _%28snowcat%29.jpg

Clearly not an elf cat.
Winter is a great time to have a cat.
When ISN'T a great time to have a cat, really?

When you're very old and you've fallen, shattering your lower leg [badly], compound fractures stiffly visible through the fabric beneath the spreading red stain. The red hot agony sends your enfeebled brain zipping in and out of consciousness for longer and longer stretches, until you are no longer sure what time or even day it is. Unable to reach the phone or call for help, you are somehow comforted by the presence of your several cats, milling and rubbing against you with a questing look. Their bowls empty for days, they have been drinking from the dripping tap, but the look in their eyes is slowly changing. Your foot has swollen to the point of the seams bursting on your shoe, with black skin and an indescribable stench emanating from within. There is no feeling in your leg below the hip, just wave after wave of numbness. You begin to slip away again, wondering how long this time....

damn sorry didnt mean to star my own sub
Look, that cat is walking through deep snow. That must be awkward for such a small animal.
you are funnier when you post as la loco

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