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Desc:The most insane clip from perhaps the best new show I've ever seen. This clip absolutely has it all
Category:Classic TV Clips, Nature & Places
Tags:Sasquatch, Southern fried, stings, fat sex, bear traps
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Comment count is 13
I didn't even bother watching this, but you do know almost every show on TruTV is faked don't you?
the fakery is part of the fun on this one.

Oscar Wildcat
Indeed, I can tell you from personal experience, that if you come across drunk rednecks in the woods, they will _not_ put down their guns to greet you. Suspension of disbelief suspended at that point.

La Loco
The dog even looks like it's acting.

I didn't watch the clip, I assume the title refers to cunnilingus.
I watched part of it. It's like Dawg the Bounty Hunter, except even more hokey.
wtf japan
No fuckin' way.
So, how many steadicam operators did they bring with them? Like, five?
I don't think this pilot for the American version of Trailer Park Boys works.
James Woods
I'll have to disagree. This was hilarious.

This is a wreck.
lol. God damn.
Strange sounds coming from the bushes? Let me just superman jump in there and find out what's going on... (1:42)

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