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Desc:Dragonguyver (!) talks about the problems with his band.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:vlog, male pattern baldness, dragonguyver, this is technically music
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Comment count is 14
More "music" here. The second song in the embedded player is the most embarrassing thing I have ever heard.

Sharing that is pure love.

Oh my god. DragonGuyver was always one of my favorite exhibits, though seeing him like this at 29 is almost depressing. Damn.

The website also features a pretty strong argument on why you shouldn't code stoned. You click on a link reading "ILLUSION" and you go to a page with the word "REALITY" on the other side PHHHHHHBBBPT
As a connoisseur of this kind of music, it is my opinion that they have absolutely no talent whatsoever.
I got your back bro.

Man, Seth Rogans "Twilight People, Dear Listener" isn't nearly as good as the Brad Neeley material he is parodying.

I'm going to give it 5 because of how seriously he's taking his wretched noise. I feel that's pretty evil.
The Townleybomb
You have to admit that he has made an absolute seamless transition from snotty, insufferable adolescence to boring, bloated middle age.

I found his OK Cupid profile a while back and was immensely pleased to see that he was more incompatible with me than anyone else I had ever seen.
I was just wondering what this guy had been up to since his last Poe-Red escapade.
Syd Midnight
Moving hair from one end of his head to the other

If you want to make music this godawful and have people take it seriously, you need to claim it was composed and performed by the mentally-deranged inmates at an asylum for violent lunatics, or something.
Holy shit, I always assumed Dragonguyver was JOKING about his "music." At least to a certain extent.

So..if I remember my POE-classics correctly: isn't this the guy who basically lived with some girl and her family, totally mooched off of them, then bitched on his LJ about having to do things like wash a dish or pick up a sock or something, and then he talked about they were on the verge of utter poverty and homelessness, but he still bought anime or some shit? Or am I thinking of someone else?
I coulda sworn it was this guy who was the one who bitched about shit like "MY STUPID GIRLFRIEND WON'T LET ME FUCK OTHER GIRLS IN OUR BED, WHAT A BITCH"
Eroticus E
Yeah, that's him. Also, he was homeless and using the library computer to update his LJ for a while.

And he confessed to touching some kids.

B. Weed
I was about to say "Has he lost weight?" and then realized I was confusing Dragonguyver with one of the Drakenfluegel guys (the blonde one-- Kajima, was it?)

What happened to those putzes, anyway?
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