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Desc:The Seahawks Marshawn Lynch did something amazing, but maybe he had help
Category:Sports, Video Games
Tags:football, NFL, no spoilers in tags, seahawks, marshawn lynch
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Comment count is 20
-1 because the soundtrack wasn't "Let the bodies hit the floor".
+5 stars because I didn't bring my own expectations of what it should be to the video

5 for Toenails

James Woods
five in your face

*please note that I posted this while listening to Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

5 because I listened to that song as done by that crazy parrot

I never shout at the TV when watching anything.
I was screaming GO! GO! GO! so loud during this play that I will probably be receiving complaints from the homeowners association.
Bo Jackson
(in Tecmo Bowl)

Closer to, Christian Okoye at excellent condition in Super Tecmo Bowl.


Beast Mode
My nephews call him "BeefMo".

I would watch more football if they provided handy easy-to-understand sonic cues like this.
umm. indeed?

James Woods

Wait, why is this such a good play? Because he ran from the line of scrimmage to the endzone? Because he shook off some tacklers? That's his fucking job. Every play should be this play.
And why is this like Super Mario Bros.? If a koopa trooper touches you in SMB, you die, or shrink. He gets touched a lot, and neither dies, nor shrinks. And how is getting a touchdown like jumping on the castle flagpole? He neither jumped, nor grabbed a flag.
This video sucks fucking balls.
Robin Kestrel
Every play should be this play.

James Woods
If you knew ANYTHING of "SMB" as you claim you do, you would know that the music is suggesting that he has acquired a Power Star which is a power up that gives the player temporary invincibility.

But five ghost stars for your uncompromising rejection of imperfection.

You braindead horse anus, it's obvious that he picked up a Power Star and would subsequently be able to run THROUGH any such koopa troopers, just as in the video.

Hang your head in SHAME you fat, bloodcaked shit.

Jet Bin Fever
Nothing you said is clever or true mahlor. I can't believe I have to 5 star this video now (as a huge Saints fan) to combat your kneejerk 1 starring of something that is definitely worth more. You're new here, and if you just plan on trolling, we're full, thanks.

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