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Desc:Surprisingly, it doesn't work that well when you're a half-dead blob of lard
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Wii, vlog, review, fat people who draw themselves skinny, Channel Awesome
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Comment count is 13
Good God, there's just to many ways to insult this guy my brain can't come up with just one coherent thing.

But I'll try:

"When Fatso saw the Wii Board he wondered what the use of a lap tray for his Extra Value Meals would be when he doesn't even have a lapla.,dnfdas,hnkajmd..,dm

a.,maAw fuck. Let me try again:

"Nintendo creates a another exercise-based peripheral and Hambeast get frightened, makes a vid=l,.adlkasm.d,..,d,

d,maGoddammit. I can't do it.
Wait I think I got it:

"I tried to catch the Snorlax, but my pokeball bounced off the monitor."


Wow, he really does draw himself about 150 pounds lighter.
I noticed about halfway through this video, his lower fat roll doesn't move. At all. Even as his upper torso and arms do. He's like a half-animated puppet.

I always wondered what an adolescent Hutt looked like.

This site might actually be worse than the Escapist.
Well, now we know who wants dessert.


His arms are so...fat. So very, very fat. Even by fatty fat fat standards.
And now your Wii can call 911 when your fat ass has a heart attack!
Syd Midnight
Saving my stars for the follow-up where his Kinect refuses to make eye contact
For some reason, I expected more hair and a beard.

Regardless, stars for fatty referring to Wii Fit as "light" exercise. Just a walk in the park, eh tubby?
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