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Desc:Mute the sound.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Video Games
Tags:glitch, broken, big rigs, bad video games
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Comment count is 12
Influence Device TIMR
I love relentless acceleration

three stars
I know you warned me, but I can't not dock at least one star for the sound.
Shanghai Tippytap
at warp ten an object simultaneously occupies all points in space
i think that's what we're seeing here
Doctor Manhattan was just taking his driver's test.

NASA space flight simulators have nothing on Big Rigs.
Best video game opener ever.
The truck becomes far less interesting than the speedometer needle after the first couple of minutes. Loses a star because 2.14 million mph is only ~0.3% the speed of light and not enough to cause a buffer underflow.

Heed the description and mute the Big Rigs video.

The end of 2001 if it had been about truckers.

what the end of Space Truckers should have been

I still prefer chip's take on this game, but I predict a 100% chance if I submit it that it will never make it out of the hopper. Because it is someone playing a game with commentary.
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