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Desc:The Daily Show's Moment of Zen from the day POE-Red went online.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Sports
Tags:wrestling, the daily show, portal of evil, Zen, gone but not forgotten
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Comment count is 51
Goddammit. How are you suppose to honor a website with a broken link?

Corman's Inferno
That's strangely fitting for PoE. Goodnight, sweet prince. Your spirit lives on in the F Plus podcast, and wherever people make asses of themselves on the internet.

UPDATE: It seems that the video is now able to play on this site (at least for American audiences. Sorry Canadians/Other Countries that don't get The Daily Show videos), seemingly by means of Ghost-moderation as no one submitted a working link at this time. Whoever took the time to fix this, my thanks to them.

I hope Support will eventually come out and say what exactly is going on with POE-Red right now, but I hold no ill will against any decisions related to the down-time of Portal of Evil. POE was a bastion of all things wrong with "Web 1.0", and with the advent of videos and news aggregators, it will never be anything more than that. Its relevancy has been long since past, but it was a website I lurked since around 2001. And over the years it became such a part of my life that I eventually joined one of it's off-shoots: poeTV.

I actually remember the first time I stumbled on this site when I typed "evil" into the Lycos search engine just to see what came up. I must have spent months browsing the "Bad Webcomic" and "Bad Fanfiction" sections alone. This site showed me a brave new world of what the internet had in store for those that knew where to look. I will always be thankful to Chet and K. Thor for calling attention to people that had no business telling their personal stories to the internet, or selling obscene contraptions to the gullible masses.

I'm glad some of us are sentimental about Red's alleged passing (I am one of those holding out hope that this is just a big misunderstanding). I hope that there will always be a need to call attention to something on the internet that's deserving of mockery, and when that happens, the winds will whisper:

"Featured Sites.... Last 7 Days, Stats, Buzz, Random".

Codehappy, did you update your thing or does it still stop in '05?

How did that end up up here?

The Mothership
Ok, ok......ok. What the fuck. Portal of Evil is down. Been down all day. Is this the end? What is going on? Chet? Support? Seanbaby? Anybody?
And while we're on the subject, what ever happened to my evilemail address, huh?
I demand an explanation.
It should have been Poe-News!


Portal of Evil had a good run, but it was basically dead for quite some time now, having long since been eclipsed by its spinoff sites.

To use a poetic metaphor, POE was an old dog we once loved, but he was getting old, and it is the way of nature that all living things must someday have a shotgun shell put in their brains, except you fired too close so his head basically exploded, and now you have to clean up chunks of POE's skull.

The pipes, the pipes are calling.

I hadn't posted there in about 5 years, but it's sad to lose all of the old forum content from so many years.

If I were Chet I'd have left it up read-only.

The Mothership
I first came to POE when a friend told me about a website where a strange Japanese man had thousands of pictures of his rabbit with sundry items balanced on his head. Been hooked ever since. I consider this day as sad as that when Oolong died.

Zircon: forum content isn't actually lost, if you know where to look of course.

RIP, POE. You were buckets of fun while you lasted.

Unfortunately, Google search doesn't have PoE cached, and web.archive.org is painfully slow now. I tried futzing with the fs= parameter on the poe-news forum to see if I could get at the poe-red thread content but that didn't seem to have any effect anymore. Sad.

Fluffy: you're using the wrong search engine.

As Vicious said in the wrong subthread, do you have data past 2005? I know that most of the major stuff happened before then but there were still some great moments after that point.

Yes, I have POE posts after 2005, although they aren't directly searchable via the search engine (yet).

For example: http://www.codehappy.net/bots/render.cgi?id=-728757

Thinking about a proper way to do this.

John Holmes Motherfucker
So, does this mean disgruntled goat can no longer use my horrific July 2005 meltdown against me? Sweet!
Innocent Bystander
It sucks but I guess this was due. And anyway I found another mirror for the LJRIG.
So it is all gone then. All the crazy conspiracy theorists, and cranks, and bad webcomics, and furries crying fursecution, and people obsessed with kid's cartoons, and bad webcomics, and wiccan goofballs and bad webcomics. Did I mention all of the bad webcomics? Like Unicorn Jelly, and Drowtales, and Drow Cop, and that one with the anime elves that drew some whiny defender to the forums, and Hathor the Cowgoddess, and Perky Goth and Candi Raver and all the others I can't remember right now.

A few other favorite exhibits that I remember right now include, of course Time Cube, and the site devoted to the Ed Wood of sci-fi literature Pel Torro,
the creepy grandad obsessed with the mouse lady from the Rescue Rangers cartoon
and one of my favorites in the category of defensive site owners, Nefarious Darius, leader of a gang of shaggy haired Society for Creative Anachorism rejects.

Well, I suppose it was a good run.
Caminante Nocturno
I have very fond memories of paraphrasing anime lines at Nefarious Darius and him taking me completely seriously.

He could not handle the Kanzaki Rising Wind

Caminante Nocturno
Nature's judgment!

Hammer Falls
R.I.P. Red, you big, beautiful bastard.
I was there when Uillillia discovered his limit break powers.

I laughed along with all of you at Ki Sanctuary website, and in turn discovered the Chrono Werewolf video.

I was there to laugh at the AIDS fetishists, reptoid conspiracy theorists, creationists, racists, furries.

I stared in wonder at the Parade Kid.

Now, that's all been wiped from the face of the earth. I feel like a part of me has died. :(

I was there for the awakening of Dan Lacey.

First Geocities, now this. The Internet is NOT forever after all.

All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain.

Rest in piece, you bitchbastard.
Remember when there was only one set of footprints in the sand?

Me neither.
Hammer Falls
That's because there was always furries, conspirator theorists, William Shatner and an artist who covered everything in cheese following you.

Goodbye, The Loser Living Upstairs. I will always remember the nights you spent alone with your vacuum cleaner and copy of "ManDate".
http://web.archive.org/web/20091020220715/http://geocities.com /SouthBeach/Lights/5427/loser.html

Goodbye, True Porn Clerk Stories. May your hand sanitizer bottle always be full, when a customer returns a video with a sticky cover. Mr. Pig, Mr. Creaky and I all solute you.
http://web.archive.org/web/20060306175316/http://www.improvisa tion.ws/mb/tpcs1.php

Goodbye, Hathor the Cowgoddess. I will never forget your cow-faced, nipple-headed, superhero mask or the time you took a crap in the dinning room of McDonalds.

And finally, goodbye, Portal of Evil. I will always remember the Internet argument over why furry art is more despicable than hentai anime or Star Trek fanfiction.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
The debate still rages on... in the Internet Valhalla of my heart.

Caminante Nocturno
I remember the Gonterforce. Hell, I was part of the Gonterforce. We were the few brave souls who looked Gonterman's atrocities in the eye and said 'no more!' In our heyday, people called us heroes. They called us defenders, and they looked to us as symbols of everything good on the Internet.

It's been a long time since those days. The threats we fought are now tamed and part of the background. People have forgotten about us, and some even vilify us. The world may have forgotten us and our sacrifice, but I never will. So long as I live, I will be proud of the time I spent fighting alongside my comrades in the Gonterforce. They were the greatest men and women on the Internet, and their time passed too soon.

God bless the Gonterforce, and God bless Portal of Evil.
Goodnight, sweet prince. I'm still at the same job I worked at when I first discovered you eight or so years ago and I can't really remember a an internet without you. I've been visiting you since before I even owned a PC. You were special and I'll miss ya, ya hideous mess of broken human beings ya.
I don't think POE is actually gone...I think someone somewhere just screwed something up and no one is in too big of a rush to fix it.
Still, I'm sure TheFlu is somewhere wringing his hands is pure delight....
I'm sure all the exhibits still keeping tabs on POE since they were "Mercilessly attacked" are now dancing in the streets.

Well, Ben Schumin got the POE entry on Wikipedia taken down recently, so I'm sure he's pleased with himself.

Et tu, Schumin?

Corman's Inferno
Unfortunately, no.


Confirmation from the Deke Lord himself.

Macho Nacho
I remember using to look up really bad webcomics and keeping up with JDR's craziness.

I'm gonna miss ya, you ugly bastard.
Damn, that's depressing.

I was never there for the golden age but I managed to sneak in for the site's autumn years. Ki Sanctuary, The LJRIG, Fat fetishists and the final Moulton rampage.

We're all that remain to carry on it's legacy
I'm really going to miss Poe Red, though this feels sort of comparable to CBGB closing - I've missed it for a long while now.

This video clip here is how I found out about the plug being pulled (and before my "Jeff Boss For Senate" site could be activated?!?). It's kind of fitting, as the DS and POE (via Poe-News) both eventually morphed from "point out just how weird the weirdoes are" to "let's keep the same type of humor in the service of discussion of actual current events."

I think my all-time favorite thread on Red was when someone found a furry who was peer-pressured by the other denizens of a vore forum into changing his fursona from a wolf to a deer so the rest of the forum would have someone to pretend to eat.
Jet Bin Fever
I've been coming to POE since high school, some 9 or so years ago, and it has been years and years of nonsense. Ah to think of all the things (especially fetishes) I would've never known about if not for this place. RIP
near on 8-10 years. no idea wtf yall speak on. pointlessness overwhelms.
I first found PoE while digging up Time Cube shit. That was 7 years ago. I was 14.

I feel old.
Black Napkins
No one talks about All Star Gus Ball.
yes we do!

God, that's depressing. PoE kind of defined an era for me, even though I got to the party late and haven't been there for awhile. I still remember outing one of Moulton's sock puppets, "Uncle Sticky" or something like that.

Pour one out.
Operation Cornflakes
Goodnight sweet prince
Big Muddy
Grampa Desade disapproves!

Oh, Gorath! The Pain!
Spaceman Africa
he was da best
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