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Desc:This is a real company. I expect to be seeing a lot of these on this site
Category:Horror, Advertisements
Tags:idump4U, dumping, creative outsourcing
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Comment count is 13
"A thing of beauty and a joy forever."

-John Keats
"Hes not happy because youre a manager at Donutland."
I anticipate more of these.

I wasn't going to rate this at first because this is the least evil pay service that could have registered the site idump4U.com

All 5 stars for thanking her for using their services at the end though.
"Maybe, this is a chance for you to, you know, look at yourself, and make some changes?"

*long pause*

"You know?"
I kept waiting for the logo of some sketch comedy group to pop up in the corner. But it's real.
Michael's moving up from the manager at Donutland to the greeter at Wal-Mart!
Getting other people to have your difficult conversations for you is the Next Big Thing in targeted personal services. That's why I got the domain iXplain2URCreditorsYUWontBPayingThemThisMonth.com
I would like to sign on as your first paying customer.
Now, about the billing statement...

Johnny Madhouse
Oh boy, jobs for sociopaths!

I am friends with a hound who goes through women like furries go through dinner. He says the hardest part of being a serial dater is breaking up with them. He has to come up with tricks.

Not any more!

She took it well. I can imagine there are a lot of people who don't.
The domain's still good, but there's nothing on the idump4u.com server. I wonder what happened to it.
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