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Desc:Kevin Smith being his fat self n' sh*t
Category:General Station
Tags:Kevin Smith, shit, and shit, verbal tic, unfunny fat guy
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Comment count is 21
How do you get to be as cartoonishly fat as Kevin Smith and still find clothes that are several sizes too big for you

Looks like he's wearin a muumuu 'n shit.

Busby Berkeley
Alfred Hitchcock says fat directors can still look sharp by wearing a decent suit and tie 'n shit.

Yeah because none of us are that fat.....on the internet.

Someone needs to do one for when he says "what-not". Kevin Smith almost equals ICP in the lack of talent to money equation.
ICP deserve more credit than that.

touché, magnets.. how they work?

Dude don't you know his wife is SUPER FUCKING HOT ur so jealous 'n shit
keeping it real
Kevin Smith.
Adham Nu'man
I haven't liked a single Kevin Smith film (although, I haven't seen Clerks yet) so far, but all of his live speeches have been great n' shit.
It's pretty hard now to appreciate Clerks in the context that made it great for its time. Kevin Smith is like the M. Night Shamalan of fat nerd directors, and Clerks is his Sixth Sense.

Very astute, Jelly!

It was internet style observation humor before the internet.

That's pretty much it.

I never got the whole Kevin Smith fan defense of "well you may not think much of his films but he's a great public speaker and humorous essayist!"

I mean, I suppose that's true if you enjoy listening to or reading rambles peppered with dick jokes, Star Wars refs, how much fast food the guy consumes or constant reminders of how hot his wife is and how he can't believe she's willing to fuck a big fat fuck like him.
What's also not mentioned is the ridiculous fee he charges for those public speaker appearances.

His stories aren't worth the price of a movie ticket and they certainly aren't worth 5 figures.

ten million fucking reasons to hate kevin smith and you have to post the one VH1 came up with

Jorts + sports jersey is the fat man's best look. The generous cut of the jort hides the male fupa and gut behind what appears to be just a huge pair of shorts while the billowing legs prevent thigh chafing.
The sports jersey associates the wearer with professional athletes such as NFL linemen in a subliminal suggestion that in addition to being as fat as a nose guard, the wearer is as athletic as one.
It is the perfect combination of physical and psychological camouflage.

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