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Desc:A historic year in review
Category:Pets & Animals, Sports
Tags:Danish, rabbit hopping, go for the gold, professional bunny hopping
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Comment count is 9
American Standard
Stopping in the middle of competition for corrective snuggles.
Actually, they are doing the same thing in the Daytona 500 next week.

"Aww, did Jeffy lose his drafting partner? Awwwww....."

Even if this 'contest' were taking place in Uganda, the faces in the video would still all be white.
My suspension was just recently lifted. Must have been that Hulk Hogan video I posted in December. Anyway, 5 stars.
Something is different about these handlers compared to dog and cat handlers. Hmm. Can't seem to put my finger on it.
Innocent Bystander
please keep up the momentum of silly sports week
MacGyver Style Bomb
My ex-girlfriend adores rabbits. To an insane degree. She'd fit right in.
Jet Bin Fever
Now lets see how far they can jump with a pack of dogs chasing them.
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