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Category:Trailers, Video Games
Tags:zombie, slow-mo, Dead Island, zambies!
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 19
Might be cool.

Probably won't.
Monty Cantsin
Zombies are stupid but that was nicely done. Just the right amount of figuring stuff out as you watch.
That's a sad story.
Awesome trailer, which probably means its a staggering generic first person shooter
No, no, no, man. Havent' you read up on it? See..there's also MELEE COMBAT, OK????? Also you can use certain skills, which means it's WAY WAY DEEPER than just an FPS, OK?

It's a game? No stars for publishers/developers forgetting which medium they are working in.

Five cause it was nice though.
Jesus fucking christ, keep your emotional trauma out of zombie stories. It's like Count Chocula starring in Requiem for Dream - there is this insane logical disconnect.

Still, really well done - so much so that it made me mad that I felt sad about these fakeass CG people experiencing an unspeakable, absurd tragedy.
Emotional attachments and trauma have ALWAYS been part of zombie stories. They are key factors in causing the big fuck up moments that kill most of the cast. A father wanting to protect his infected daughter, somebody opening the door to rescue a dog that is not being harmed by zombies, a person being killed for not accepting that his dearest family member is dead and has turned into a ravenous flesh eater, etc.

Wow. I just had an emotional response to a video game advertisement.

I either need therapy or an Xbox, I'm not sure which.
Well, what do you expect taking a vacation on "Dead Island." I don't care how cheap the hotel room was.
Zombies? No, no, no. Those are timeshare salespeople.

Everything is so well animated, paced, and pitched... then they start the whole thing off with the worst flame effect I have ever seen in a game running around in the background.

I enjoyed this video. Stars.
It's a game about a giant, zombie island. (the island itself is the zombie)
In all seriousness, this project looked cool back when it was first announced. It was sort of like Just Cause 2 with zombies....however, I fear with the popularity of Left 4 Dead, the zombie modes of COD, and zombie culture in general (which has changed a lot since this was first announced) it will just turn it into a really lame FPS with open world elements.

Iron Xides
that's the best cgi gelled up hair i've seen
A well done trailer, very intense. This desperately needs game play footage. I don't play games for the cut scenes.
Caminante Nocturno
If you treat this as a standalone short film rather than a trailer, it's even better.
If by better you mean "exactly fucking like the opening of the awful Dawn of the Dead remake."

Five for song and controversy courting and goddammit.

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