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SweaterCollection - 2011-02-21

Forgive my intrusion but isn't this guy a fringe jew of some type and not a christian?

kamlem - 2011-02-21

Yeah, I'm with you on that one. I posted this without listening to the whole thing, and so locked myself into the wrong tag. I'll replace it with YHWH, and pray to him to cast holy smite, dealing 1d8 points of damage per two caster levels (maximum 5d8) to you and your evil associates in the area (or 1d6 points of damage per caster level, maximum 10d6) causing you to become blinded for 1 round. My angelic conscious required me to inform you that a successful Will saving throw reduces damage to half and negates the blinded effect.

CharlesSmith - 2011-02-21

Is this because of the YHWH gibberish? Christianity is based on Judaism so you occasionally see Christians going on about YHWH.

He blames a lot of stuff on Satan and Zionists for this to be Jewish. Also I'm not familiar with any Jewish version of "spiritual warfare". Obviously he's not orthodox anything but this all seems more like a Christianity derivative.

Pixel McStencilbuffer - 2011-02-21

OK Charlie, this may blow your mind, but you can be Jewish and NOT a Zionist! It's true!

RealmOne - 2011-02-21

Yeshua is most often heard from the Jews for Jesus. Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew. Yehua can often be used by religiously-bent white pride, oddly enough. Then they are the Chosen People, not us Heebs.

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