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Desc:A reality show about anime nerds. With a creepy 40-something japanophile host.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:otaku, Hulu, japanophile, tokyopop, Stu Levy
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Comment count is 16
-1 because it's not quite as horrifying as The Pickup Artist
I have to believe there are scores of depressing, skin-crawling stories about this host.
Aside from another ***ish guy making money off catering to repressed white suburban kids?

Bu also with soy sauce.

Also, running Tokyopop is a sure fire way to underage cosplay tail.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
As a guy who listens to way too many podcasts about the anime industry, I can only say that you're right on the money. Nothing out-and-out sleazy AFAIK, but lots of strange vanity projects including a manga co-created with Courtney Love (!) and a live-action adaptation of one of his properties that took years (!!) to make and included some pretty big names in production in an apparent attempt to show off.

Dub voice actors on the other hand...yeah. Lots of sleaze on that end I hear.

What's wrong with that guy's eyes?
He had the misfortune of not being born Japanese.

He has more eyebrow than personality.

For once I'm glad I'm in Canada and can pretend I can't watch this due to content restrictions.

I remember passing by the promo booth for this at Otakon and thinking no good can come of this.
Vancouver has one of the largest, anime dubbing companies in the world. And if you ever want to troll otaku, tell them dubbing is superior to subtitles.

I didn't make it passed the intro. Go on without me.
It's okay. I tapped out pretty early too.

Anyone have a mirror for this? Forbidden in the country I live (Japan). Hahhaha.
I hate people so much right now.
Macho Nacho
The host's facial expression never changes.
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