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Desc:I found his new YouTube channel.
Category:General Station
Tags:autism, Dexters Lab, timbox
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Comment count is 10
bakune young
he sounds like a cartoon ghost
Or the illegitimate offspring of Tiny Tim.

Why does autism make someone demand others' attention so they can be excruciatingly boring?
It depends on the spectrum. Typically, autistic people have very narrow, specialized sets of interests, and they try to use those interests as a means of connecting to the world outside their head.

That said, there are also people who say, "I'm autistic! That means *you* have to make allowances for *my* poor social skills, and not the other way around!" These are the people I'd like to bury in their hug-boxes.


Autistic undies on the floor.
Macho Nacho
Watching this with no sound is excruciatingly creepy.
Sudan no1
Elian Anthology.
WTF is he clicking on 40 times a second?
Jet Bin Fever
This makes me think that limited edition box sets were almost specifically made for people with various ranges of autism.
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