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Desc:She admits to trolling with her video since some didn't like the joke and were harassing her.
Category:General Station, Religious
Tags:Pizza Hut, trolling, the internet, tamtampamela, dox
Submitted:K. Brass
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Comment count is 13
I thought everyone already knew this.
Not dozens of my facebook friends who posted the troll's video with blood boiling anger.

Would. Oh God I would. She's so... ordinary.
Eroticus E
Boy, that was a worthwhile thing to share. I'm sure she'd be flattered. You must have 10s knocking your door down.

HA! You rate women on a scale. You ol' card.

Jet Bin Fever
Gonna take a lot more than that to come clean you dirty dirty girl.
pressed peanut sweepings
Stupid fucking girl with no goddam sense.
I like her. Sure she said some crazy shit but it's also common thought among the Christian extremists and For The Record fans. She also macrotrolled a few fundamentalist sites.

pressed peanut sweepings
t I'm sober, I guess she's ok.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Question for our resident cyber-security experts: Just how in the hell was her identity and address acquired solely from her YouTube account? Social networking? Jesus?
Don't you watch CSI/Law and Order??

American Standard
I'm surprised anyone believed her. My initial thought was "Hmm. A little flat, needs to work on her sincerity."

But then I remembered how stupid people are.
Controversy aside, I actually really dig this girl way more that it's for-sure she was pretending. I was in awe with just how masterfully she trolled...mainly because, whether intentionally or not, she PERFECTLY embodied the crazy neo-fundie Christian. If you've ever known anyone on that level you'd know why it was not so easy to immediately dismiss her as being fake because there really ARE people like her out there, especially in this new, bugfuck crazy "youth for Jesus" shit exploding across the country.
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