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Desc:Phil's pretty cool in the virtual world.
Category:Horror, Video Games
Tags:video games, dr. phil, virtual world, never has to do what his wife says
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Comment count is 11
It's Phil
that isn't me at all >:(

Oh that's you, I've seen you and that is you

Sounds exciting and awesome, much better than any real accomplishments.
Why not be Miku?
Struts around forest like the cock of the walk.

Gets rock thrown at him.

Takes off running.

Gets another rock thrown at him.

Looks at a graveyard, possibly while envying the dead.

Yeah, that sounds like how I picture Dr. Phil in real life.
Jet Bin Fever
Even people programmed for his own game want to throw rocks at Dr. Phil.
I don't want to do what his wife says, either.
"And in the virtual world I can perform sexual misconduct with patients and no one can take away my license to practice psychology for it!"
Plus he can sell all the bogus weight loss products he wants and not have to deal with pesky class-action lawsuits.

The best thing about being in a virtual world isn't just not doing what my wife wants me do, it's showing everyone on TV I'm not.
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