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Desc:'I got this message late Friday night. BTW - I didn't go out that night.'
Category:General Station, Humor
Tags:jamba juice, voicemail
Submitted:owl awl
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The Mothership
This quickly reaches a point where you really want it to end, you're dying for it to stop, and then you realize the clip is only half way in. This really gets going around 2:11. Priceless if it is real.
My name is Ryan and I've got voice mails WAY worse than this. Granted, she was certifiably schizophrenic.
Innocent Bystander
Or just really happily drunk and high?

Shit, at least she was coherent. I've been told some of my drunk calls were "like I was holding a dictionary and picking random words"

Diagnosis: Jello Shots

Me too, Ryan's represent!

Ryan clearly handled the situation like a pro.

Incidentally there was this unbelievable shrieky lady who called me repeatedly WHEEEEEEERRESSSS AAAAAAMMBER WHEEEEEEEERRESSSS BRAAAAAAD and some day I will call her back.
It's a combination eBay/Jamba Juice, like one of those A&W/KFC restaurants.
I think she likes him!
You can tell by the way she plays hard-to-get.

I'd like to string her along and dump her after sex. Just to see what happens. I'd probably want it to end really quick but I'm curious as to what horrible things she would do.
Grandmaster Funk
Fat. Like Biggest Loser level fat.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
The female opposite of Dimitri.
E as in E.

Robin Kestrel
I always considered "Dominic" a male name.

"Dominique" for girls, yeah, but they pronounce it "neek".
Not sure if she's necessarily crazy or just really drunk.
Jamba Juice viral marketing
Robert DeNegro
Ryan understands that it's all fun and games till the tears start to roll.
Kinda sounds like she was nervous and drunk dialed him. I don't see what the big deal is...

Five because the person who posted this on YT is absolutely loathsome, and I suspect this might be staged.
Not nearly as loathsome as the link they put in the YT description.


~5 minutes spent reading posts there and I'm really wishing poe red was still around.

Jet Bin Fever
Thank you. Brostories has filled a necessary hole in my life. IE: I now know what Ghosting a beer is.

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