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Desc:What it says on the tin.
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:Venture Bros, Wil Wheaton, James Urbaniak
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Comment count is 8
Modern Angel
Okay, stop. Seriously. This isn't funny. It's not even a parody, just a reading in Rusty Venture mode.

No more Friday shit.
Corman's Inferno
What's not funny about Rusty Venture reading Fridays?

Maybe next he can do some Charlie Sheen quotes and rickroll everyone LOL

So, I read the 2 star comments before I watched the video, and was like, "What? This probably rules." And then I watched it and it was sort of lame.

They should've had it done by Dr. Orpheus.

Modern Angel
Rusty Venture reading Friday is precisely the same fucking thing as every Seth McFarlane "joke" on Family Guy. You'd be first in line to dump on those but because it's Urbaniak it's HAHA HERE IS A THING THAT HAPPENED AND A GUY DOING A THING THAT HAPPENED!

Had he been reading anything else, anything at all. Seriously, Sarah Palin's representing the military speech would have been five stars, but not Friday. Not ever.
Jet Bin Fever
yeah this sucks
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