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Desc:Shareware week continues with this Roguelike from Epic MegaGames.
Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:Epic, roguelike, yawn, Shareware week
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Comment count is 13
The page they gave it in the ANSI art catalog said nothing about it being SkiFree RPG.
speaking of which, someone needs to make skifree rpg

I still play through this and the sequel once or twice a year. Theres something very cathartic and serene about it
Then again, I also enjoy making spreadsheets, organizing legos and murdering my family

Damn it. Now I must play. I must be better than poor, dumb Emily.
For anybody who wants the hookup: http://lkbm.ecritters.biz/cotw/download.html

I think I'm going to make it so I can summon monsters.

Wow. They're really upping the ante in Diablo 3, huh?
The Goblin Fighter hits you!
You hit the Goblin Fighter!
The Huge Ogre evades your clumsy blow!
Great game, but it makes for an extremely dull video. I don't remember the music, either. I assume that was added in post?
I was obsessed with this game - then I discovered Nethack.
Nethack is ancient. Nothing really compares to it. I spent hours on that game even up to a few years ago, when I lost all the time needed to play lots of games.

Jet Bin Fever
I always loved the details they gave you after you killed something like...

You crush the kobold's skull into jelly!
You cleave the rat in twain!

It was a lot of fun picturing that when i was a kid and had a workable imagination. For how shitty this game looks, I played through both CotW1 and 2, carrying over my character into 2. It was actually really well done too.
Loved this game. I would always go through and use clairvoyance and light to cover all the levels.
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