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Desc:A fat white guy relates his problem.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Video Games
Tags:mcdonalds, fries, ketchup, Amazing Athiest
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Comment count is 10
I think he's trying to be ironic.
This guy is still a virgin.
The Townleybomb
He just keeps getting fatter and fatter!
I'm as atheistic as they come, but this guy just gets on my nerves.

I can't say I've never done this without a camera present, alone. But it's not a proud thing to say.
Harry Knowles, is that you?
Bruce Vilanch's retarded clone.

Looks like this guy as joined the eminent ranks of those so annoying even POE can't stand them.
White Trash Party
Some men should just not have facial hair. How does he leave the house thinking "this looks good"!?
Macho Nacho
"Don't these people understand that they're just props in my little Magical World that only exist in my head?"

I hate this guy with a burning passion.
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