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Desc:can it be crane accident week pleez?
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:accident, construction, Australia, crane
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The Great Mel Bay
What did i just watch? Was that one of those big construction deals getting set up?
Cranes lifting other cranes. The dirty secret of constructions sites is that you can't assmble or take apart a crane without smaller cranes.

Please don't insult a walking dragline by calling it a crane

At :20, something on the right of the screen is launched into the air (really high!) followed by an explosion.

Would love to know exactly what happened here.
durr, description of what happened is in the video description:

"The official report cited operator error, and rumor has it the operator was inexperienced and pulled the wrong lever and allowed the winch to go into free-fall. He tried to catch it on the drum brake but that overheated, exploded and caught fire as you can see.

The dragline boom was being lowered for maintenance, and as you can see the correct radius hadn't been chosen to let the drag line boom clear the M4600-based Transilift boom. The operator suffered minor injuries."

apparently some noob hit the wrong switch, causing the crane on the right (which was holding the crane on the left) to release all its cable. He then hit the emergency brake, which was totally overwhelmed and exploded. I think thats the brake drum getting launched into the air..?

One thing unions do is insure that the guy getting 0k a year to lift things up and down always hits the right switch.

Tom Collins
Musique concrète!
my bad
That sound appeals to something primal in me.
i was struck by how fiendishly loud it was

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