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The Mothership - 2011-05-23

I can just see Beavis watching this and saying "boioioioing!"

duck&cover - 2011-05-23


Redlof - 2011-05-23

So this is like those annoying body spray commercials, but for women?

pressed peanut sweepings - 2011-05-23

That simpering drag queen has no stomach.

fedex - 2011-05-24

corsets were amazing back in the day

ribs optional

snothouse - 2011-05-23

Total nipple flash at :41ish. ANIMATOR TRADITIONS NEVER DIE

revdrew - 2011-05-23

What the hell is wrong with her hands.

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2011-05-23

So that's where Bruce Timm got it from.

Born in the RSR - 2011-05-23

This video is not available in my country. So damn you all to hell!

twinkieafternoon - 2011-05-23

They might need to work on their shrill, rhyme-less jingle.

MrBuddy - 2011-05-24

Nice animation

Bort - 2016-01-24

Gotta be a Canadian commercial, with the curling.

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