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Category:General Station
Tags:misogyny, Nice Guys, forum
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Comment count is 10
i had to stop because of the voices. It may have been meh otherwise.
Caminante Nocturno
This is, at best, a step sideways from the troper bullshit.
Born in the RSR
Ok, troper videos suck. But this is basically a dramatic reading of a TFLesque forum.

I recognize the validity of the criticisms of these videos yet I find them oddly pleasant so no stars.
Not everything has to be a youtube video. There are many good ideas that shouldn't.
MGTOW = If enough men refuse to have sex with women, eventually women will be the ones begging men to have sex with them. So let's not have sex with women, and not let the evil femocracy control our lives, but instead spend all the time we would have spent pursuing women and not hating on things with vaginas bitching about them online.

The McK
Turns out going Galt works as well for sex as it does for everything else.

Panzerschlag, I applaud your talent for polarizing PoeTV.

Hail the Swastika.

Cherry Pop Culture
I could almost feel pity for these guys if they weren't pathetic, angry assholes.
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