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Desc:Stupid, extravagant, and I want one.
Category:Science & Technology, Advertisements
Tags:Jet Pack, water, Jetlev
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Comment count is 10
Five stars for terrible song
Is Sugar Ray still around? Jesus.

I want one of these too.
Born in the RSR
I have a cunning plan:

Let's all chip in and buy one, then we'll all go on a trip together, somewhere watery, take turns riding it, and after that we sell it and donate the proceeds to charity.
So your plan is : get water jet awesome machine together, go someplace where you can drown us, and then escape in water jet awesome machine.

Okay, it's worth the risk.

Looks fun, though just a matter of time before someone to kill themselves with it. But people kill themselves with anything, so that doesn't concern me.
It'll come up in an episode of CSI where one will be used to rob a cyber-jewelry store or some shit.

Science Fact: devices like this have to be powered by the heart of an innocent orphan.
I see a whole water-based jet propulsion super villain theme going along with this.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Super Mario Sunshine
Jet Bin Fever
A lot of "jet"s in this video... I guess I should leave this comment.
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