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Desc:where is your messiah now. from money in the bank 2011
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:wrestling, wwe, john cena, Wrasslin, cm punk
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Comment count is 6
It sucks that Cena gets punished for doing the right thing. He wanted the match to have a clean end and prevented another screw job from happening yet got screwed himself.
CM Punk left the company so technically he's not the champ anymore. Cena will win it again soon.
hey, wrestling isn't real just so you know.

I am laughing as John Cena gets his butthole dry pumped in the back room.

So I haven't been following wrestling lately, and I'm not willing to watch a shaky camrip for five minutes. Is there any way you can give me a brief synopsis of what the Man Soap's latest story arc is, and what happened in this match? Cena gets his ass beat and CM Punk leaves to start a career in MMA?

I'm watching DDT's latest royal rumble match: from Yoshihiko to a little kid in a red mask. So no thanks bro.
Is there a single word to describe when a bad actor makes movements that are supposedly accidental but are obviously intended to help his opponent or set himself for an attack?
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