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Desc:Guy redefines the term 'racism' then makes assumptions about how liberals act.
Category:General Station
Tags:racism, white people, cocksmile, Punch White Faces, john42t
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Comment count is 7
I half expected him to end with "And another thing, we don't see evolution we see adaption!"

I always considered the weakest of arguments the one where you have to spend five minutes redefining terms in order to present your argument. He does admit his redefinitions are weak, but that does nothing to lighten his smugness about his conclusions.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
So this is what Cena looks like without his makeup on. Pro tip: keep the makeup on.
Course this whole thing about refusing to be held accountable for past injustices might work better if this dude wasn't plainly awful in his own right.

Also, cocksmile.
Listening to Portland radio, I'm convinced that most liberals actually are racists. Phil Ochs was right.
This seems like a highly dedicated troll. I've heard real racists use arguments this dumb, but he seems to be going out of his way to pick examples designed to infuriate with obvious hypocrisy, while undermining his own argument.

Eg: "Treating a race as a collective agent is racist. A race cannot be accountable or characterized as anything.
Christians saying ethnic Palestinians are more primitive than Jews are not racist.
Liberals saying land was stolen from Palestinians, are racist."

Shove all the honkies back on the potato boat and burn it in the harbor.
German dude hung up on race. Got it. Next video.
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