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Desc:Groomsman as Gollum
Category:Classic TV Clips, Stunts
Tags:wedding, lotr, Gollum, unknown tv show
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Comment count is 11
Ugh, reality television over-reacting. I wonder how I'd react if someone did that IRL.
To the women, not to gollum. To gollum I'd probably look super disgusted and look at the closed camera and go "oh my gawd."

I can see this pearl-clutching coming from parents and grandparents, but your friends? You hang out with terrible people.
I'd say those are more likely her friends than his, maybe her College friends who she hasn't seen for a while. And since she laughed upon getting the ring it would seem that she's a lot cooler than she used to be.

He's wearing a bow tie, what more do they want?
The groom is awesome, way to ruin princess day.
"The sentimental value for me--"
OMG my girlfriends don't like this therefore I shouldn't.
Also, its nice to see Nick Bravo actually getting off his ass and working for a change.
Reality television, huzzah!

As an aside, I'm not sure whether to 5 star this for being evil or 1 for being fucking inane. I'll go with something in the middle.
Jet Bin Fever
They're Australian, you'd think these dumb fat bitches would know who Gollum was.
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