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Desc:Not happy with our black Prez
Category:General Station
Tags:obama, economy, demoniusx, recession, neckfat
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 9
"Some of my High School chums left for the Phillipines and state the life there is laid back and everything is nice. I think they may exaggerate a little but maybe I can visit there just to find out the truth in the matter."

Uggggh. I shudder to think what that man would do in that country. Or how he would be perceived. Or if they'd let him on the plane.

As soon as he started any anti-catholic rambling they would hang him right there.

Born in the RSR
How do you hang that which has no neck?


I wonder how many calories are in the dewlap? How long could he live off of that, alone?
White Trash Party
What are you doing to pay the bills now? Im in the same situation..
FogeFazio 1 week ago

A 3 hour telemarketing gig at .50 and hour plus bonuses.
TheDemoniusX 1 week ago

5 nights a week of course. Making roughly 0 a month. Kinda shite for now but until I find something else, this is all I got. better then nothing at all.
TheDemoniusX 1 week ago

Someone is using his face to help sell something?
0 a month? So that basically just covers his Totino's Pizza Rolls budget?

Syd Midnight
Telemarketing means phone sales, a job where one's face is not a factor is pretty much mandatory in his case. He'll be counting on his sparkling wit and attractive personality to bring home the bacon.

In an extremely competitive, stressful, high turnover field, he'll be making hundreds of phone calls a day, every conversation will begin with the other person already angry at him, and he must remain polite, persuasive, and on-task while dealing with hostile and/or confused cold-call recipients. He probably won't last a first week.

We can only imagine the comedy we're missing. It'll be better than a prank phone call album.

White Trash Party
Oh man that's even better then I had imagined. You are right he will keep that a week tops. At least we all get to see the resulting video after he gets canned/quits.

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