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Desc:Also, they give their deepest condolences for that one school shooting.
Category:News & Politics, Sports
Tags:Hillary Clinton, NRA, United Nations, telemarketers
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Comment count is 22
Job Interview Day:

Interviewer: Good afternoon, welcome to the NRA Cold Call Center.
Woman: Thanks.
Interviewer: Do you love guns?
Woman: Shore dew!
Interviewer: Can you dial a phone?
Woman: A reg'lur one. Them cell phones has too many buttons.
Interviewer: Can you read?
Woman: Small words.
Interviewer: Do you know what cognitive dissonance is?
Woman: Cog-ity what now?
Interviewer: YOU'RE HIRED!
"It was one of them."
Such sincere condolences.

Ummm, good job wasting the time of a person that probably doesn't give a damn about guns, and is just trying to make it through the day at a terrible, boring, low-paying job.

Way to make your point I guess. You really burned those teabaggers!
This guy was actually doing exactly what he should have. The only reason there are cold-call telemarketers at all is because most of us (myself included) just hang up in the first 30 seconds. They can then move on to the next with minimal time wasted. All they need are a few people to bite and all the dozens who hung up don't matter. But if we all waste their time with no intention of buying, then cold-calling will become a money waster and they will stop calling all of us.

Yeah, and in the short term all you are doing is making life a tiny bit more difficult for somebody that probably already has a pretty crappy life as it is.

Next maybe we should protest McDonalds by throwing drinks on the minimum-wage schlub working the drive-thru window. If everybody did that then maybe McDonalds would go away, right?


That depends, which McDonalds are you working at?

If someone working for McDonalds initiates the whole encounter by walking into your house with a cup of some suspicious liquid and saying "Iran and Hillary Clinton don't want you to have this. You should drink it now!" is it really that rude to troll them by pouring it all over your self and asking "am I doing it right?"

That poor lady.

I love this new thing of "making fun on tea party idiots is so easy that doing it is somehow wrong." Yes, because pointing out the continued idiocy of one of the most retarded political movements in modern history, despite the fact they're succeeding in electing people, is just BAD FORM.

charmlessman knows what up. Staying on the line and leaving the phone doesn't count against their numbers since it's such an obvious outlier, they still get paid and they get a nice little break as well. If you hate telemarketers then hang up as soon as possible, quick hangups mean bad numbers means getting fired.

No no no make fun of teabaggers all you want. They are dangerous fucking idiots and should be mocked at every opportunity.

I'm just saying that telemarketing sucks and you should pity the poor people that have to do it and hang up immediately. Fucking with them is just a douche thing to do. I bet that lady could give a fuck about the NRA; she's just trying to get her numbers up to the point that she won't get fired from her hour job.

You know who else had a shitty job? Concentration camp guards.

Perhaps the problem IS that the telemarketer doesn't give a damn. If you don't mind earning a paycheck spreading paranoia, lies, and hysteria, maybe you deserve grief on the job.

I'm by no means saying that telemarketers have an easy job; but just because it's difficult doesn't mean I am obligated to respect it. In fact, once in a while, I'm obligated NOT to.

My favourite part of this submission his how Hotwax's post seems fine right up until the word "troll" unbelievably appears, and suddenly the whole idea takes a huge shit.

Hey man, you work for terrorists you're going to be mocked as if you were one. Sorry, but other people are going to slap the hand that feeds you, you can't take that away from them.

Hay Belly
Yeah, I knew someone who worked at the call center and she got tons of people calling complaining about the free shit they got being made in China. Did they think they were getting free shit made in the US?

Plus, 0 for a five year subscription? lol at the idiots that get that thinking they are saving America. Dumbasses.

Macho Nacho
This reminds me of a friend who filled out a survey from the mail that was sent by the Republican Party. Although he answered the survey very liberally, he now gets brochures from the NRA all the time asking for him to sigh up for membership.
I misread the title as "The IRA Tries To Sign Me Up"
Jet Bin Fever
Same content, different accent.

Jet Bin Fever
THE School Shooting.
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