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Desc:im using 'versus' in the loosest possible terms here
Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:cat, Snake, reptile, mismatch, feline
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The Mothership
Clip delivers, especially :30-:58.
Lord Running Clam
a sad day for TheSnake
Caminante Nocturno
Stop kidding around.
split tail
Cat's like 'I'm just chill-in, but yeah - whatever dude.'
That pussy is not impressed by your snake.
So the snake picked a fight with a weird-looking guy, only to discover too late that said guy was really just the butt-end of a sky-scraping gigantic bitemonster with fang-studded limbs. And then the snake lost his mind and did a bunch of stupid shit that pissed off the monster even more, while screaming, "NO...NO! THIS CAN'T BE REAL!!" and babbling about his family and that girl snake he liked but never had the balls to approach and NOW IT'S TOO LATE.

So basically a personal-grudge-themed kaiju movie in miniature.
perfect sum-up, have my stars

Jet Bin Fever
5 for pissing off snakes.
1:14 is my favorite part because i imagine the snake turning towards the camera with this attitude of " YOUUUUUUU, YOU SET THIS UP."
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