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Desc:Long range wireless and light weight cameras FTW
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:RC, RC plane, Team Black Sheep, Proximity Flying, Ladyhawke - My Delirium
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Comment count is 7
I thought about doing this as a kid.

Being able to put a camera on an RC plane and just fly around and see things from the sky.

I wonder how much such a set-up would cost.

The only natural progression for this is RC plane dogfighting.
Holy shit 1:30
I might have missed it, did they mention Ladyhawke's My Delirium in the credits? Anyway, here's a good reason to get your ham radio license: RC vehicles with much longer range.
Thanks, I wanted to know what song that was.

Jet Bin Fever
What an incredibly beautiful place. Is this somewhere in central Europe?
Wonko the Sane
They're German, so probably the Alps.

-1 star for 'FTW'

Jet Bin Fever
ahh, explains it.

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