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Desc:or something
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Hot, Mime, pole dancing, moonwalk
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Comment count is 15
5 for pole dancing workout class.
You didn't know those were a thing?

split tail
I pretty sure this has been argued here before, but...

Pole dancing should be in the Olympics; either on it's own, or as one of the Gymnastic routines.

Like it or not, you've gotta be in great shape to put on even just a somewhat good pole show (like the girl in this video); and then there's all that talent and style, and oh my!

This is awesome. I read somewhere that American strippers pioneered this sort of crazy pole-dancery. Go American strippers!

#ooh say can you seeee#
You read "somewhere..."

Jet Bin Fever
She can also crush you with her chiseled legs. That's gotta be a plus in a mate.
Prickly Pete
Not really a Moonwalk...
hence the 'or something'

Prickly Pete
Well everything's an "or something." You might say she's a chicken turd or SOMETHING.

you've certainly earned your name on this thread I suppose

Not to honk my own horn or anything but this reminded me of this:


Poledancing is amazing(ly hot).
She's like an upside down mime.
James Woods
The great thing about this is she's already on the stake for the burning.
This goes pretty quickly from "racy" to "hey kids, you gotta see this!" I'm not sure that's in keeping with the intended business model.
And they say stripping doesn't take any talent.
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