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Desc:A rant by Shawn Yankey about his Ex-Wife.
Category:General Station
Tags:relationships, Shawn Yankey, internet complaints
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Comment count is 11
As far as these go, this is pretty short and sweet.
Void 71
Definitely not TFL material.
So, wait... he's NOT trying to get her back?
All the best letters throughout history have begun with "Hello, Slut!"

For example, the majority of Lincoln's Civil War correspondence starts this way.
Good day.
Wife's reply: u mad?
Hay Belly
Wife's reply: I need you to take out the garbage be here at the same time as last week.

Abstract Fainter
Thank you for your message.

I am out of the office till [ 27th of October] on a super fun sex cruise and your message will not be forwarded.

Should the matter be important, please contact XXXX XXX ( email address) in my absence.

Best regards
To be fair, his wife's name really is Slut. Slut Anderson.
Jet Bin Fever
Good day!
The best part is that there is no chance whatsoever that this video will ever come back to haunt him.
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