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gravelstudios - 2011-11-13

We had hamsters when I was a kid. They don't mess around.

The Mothership - 2011-11-13

6 year olds should not have cameras, or hamsters, but they should be bitten. Stars for hamster rage.

Cena_mark - 2011-11-13

That is one X-Treme hamster.

memedumpster - 2011-11-13

Siberian hamsters are vicious.

Cena_mark - 2011-11-13

I had one as a kid. It only bit me once, and it was only when I was being a jerk to it.

Candlejackv616 - 2011-11-13

I worked at Petland a couple a while ago as an assistant manager and hated dealing with the orders of russian dwarf hamsters, simply because I hated how much infighting would occur amongst them. It got to a point they would either eat one another, or chew another ones eye out (we kept that one and healed her up, sold her to a kid with an eye disorder ironically and she loved the hell out of this hamster...so that was nice) it was always clean up the blood day for my employees at some point or another.

Also it must be said, Petland has this retarded policy of, no matter how disruptive,potentially dangerous to an animal a kid is, and even if they are waaay to young to handle said animal you must MUST let the kid hold it if the parent asks. This led to many a kid getting the shit bit out of them by the Russians.

Got to point I said fuck it, went over my managers head and stopped ordering the Russians and went for teddy bear hamsters instead. Now those lil guys were great, even in the hands of a particularly young or just douchey kid, they almost never bit them...plus they were damn cute.

TL;DR: The breed of hamsters in this video are can be pretty bitey, buy a teddy bear hamster instead.

memedumpster - 2011-11-13

I had two, they had, er, puppies. The female killed the male then ate her babies.

Hooker - 2011-11-14

Oh, Cena. You even troll hamsters?

Urburos - 2011-11-14

You can train hamsters not to bite you if you don't pussyfoot about it. If they bit me, I'd flick their noggin and put my finger to their mouth. If they moved to bite me again they got more of the same.

That said, hamsters are dicks.

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-11-13

Bite the hand that fiilms you.

Merzbau - 2011-11-13

Mr. Hammykins has had enough of your shit, buddy.

duck&cover - 2011-11-13

Petey Pajamas is mad as hell and he isn't going to take it anymore.

HotwaxNinjaPanther - 2011-11-13

McFly, you bojo!

Chalkdust - 2011-11-13

the Kia commercials just keep getting weirder

jyrque - 2011-11-14

Really, kid, you were asking for it.

Braze - 2011-11-14

I hate hamsters because when I was a kid one pissed in my boglin.

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