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gmol - 2012-01-17

Maybe you shouldn't either.

You've seen videos that argue against copyright on this site, haven't you?

endlesschris - 2012-01-17

Doing away with copyright means we'd have even more Angry Birds shit than we have now. Why would I not want creators to have control of their creations? I don't think Batman would be better if he was fighting Chinese toddlers.

Sundry - 2012-01-17

I think the evil spaceship is the air drone from Terminator. The wormhole sound may have come from Stargate but on a different pitch.

I'm thinking this could have a reputable source if this a school project or something. The artist either downloaded these 3d models from the internet or made them all himself and then made this film to show off his skills.

sosage - 2012-01-17

...and an absolute lack of imagination. Art schools are filled with students from all over the world with absolutely zero creativity...but oh boy do they know how to launch Maya and find front/side views of popular shit to model from.

Hooker - 2012-01-17

China Doesn't Give Two Craps About Quality

FABIO - 2012-01-17


orificespace - 2012-01-17

The beauty of this is Chinese children are already familiar with building all these toys as knockoffs. If anything this a instructional manual for babies.

Pompoulus - 2012-01-17

I've never given two craps about copyright but I used to give at least one crap about copyright.

Now the US government is giving so many craps about copyright I'm seriously contemplating giving no craps about copyright.

baleen - 2012-01-18

It's amazing how China is making all this amazing stuff and is this powerhouse of culture and art in cities like Shanghai yet half their country is no richer than Gambia and they probably think this video is wonderful.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-01-22

Watching this feels like playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time.

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