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kingarthur - 2012-01-22

I love how this seems to be her only reason not to like Bill Gates.

hammsangwich - 2012-01-22

Ya, most people hate him for Windows 95.

baleen - 2012-01-22

Morgellon's was only "diagnosed" 10 years ago... There's a very good chance that this user, "mfromcanada2," is none other than Mary Leitao, the woman who contrived the sickness to begin with. It's really fascinating... I want to know more!

StanleyPain - 2012-01-22

Morgellons actually originates in the 1600s, believe it or not, and was believed to be a real disease (though, considering the level of medical expertise at the time, god knows what the people were REALLY suffering from) until it was phased out of medicine for basically never being properly documented or diagnosed. Like many other obscure/non-existent conditions, hypochondriacs dug it up out of the past and insist they have it. Odd that morgellons has been latched onto so fervently by the weird NWO conspiracy crowd, but there's probably dozens of conditions that people report constantly "having" to their doctors after spending time trying to self-diagnose something.

kamlem - 2012-01-23

I just realized this is her mirror channel, and "mfromcanada1" is the main channel (and a linked tag).

I can't find a copy of Mary Leitao's interviews on CTCAM to compare voices. I would love to hear them.


bluebeetle - 2012-01-22

I skimmed wikipedia. So morgellons is tangentially related to schizophrenia?

kingofthenothing - 2012-01-22

I thought Morgellons were those things from Battlestar Galactica. I don't know. Shit. Leave me alone.

Rudy - 2012-01-22

Preach on, sister. I'm still mad about him doing nothing to help my incontinence.

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