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paranex - 2012-02-22

How to make an Adam Curtis documentary:
1. Take an idea, preferably one advanced by Cold War-era technocrats or ideologues, and a subsequent historical event.
2. Pretend one caused the other, even if they're only tangentially related.
3. Make sure the narrative meanders around in a non-linear fashion. Make sure the overarching theme is "the problems caused by politics and power."
4. Throw in some old pop music, a score from 60's sci-fi, archival footage from the 50's and then edit the whole mess into a three-hour collage that is trippy as fuck.
5. Cash that check from the BBC.

Modern Angel - 2012-02-22

You saw that parody of his work, too, huh?

fractured - 2012-02-22

He's a philosopher, not a journalist.

chumbucket - 2012-02-22

Seeing Ellison in his convertible in the first 5 minutes had my eyes rolling.

memedumpster - 2012-02-22

Be sure to watch all three for maximum awesomeness.

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