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The Mothership - 2012-02-28

Starts off unevenly, but everything in the 5th, 6th & 7th minute is a fucking work of art.

More please.

Juice Eggs McKenna - 2012-02-29

Yeah I wasn't sold until R&M showed up

Ursa_minor - 2012-02-28


sosage - 2012-02-28

I don't want to spoil...but I was thinking that this was missing T2...and then hey!

Riskbreaker - 2012-02-28

Quick! Catch her before she delivers the final cut of Matrix Reloaded to the studio!

Oktay - 2012-02-28

I don't always cut to the chase, but when I do...

Mister Yuck - 2012-02-28

I have the stupidest grin on my face.

Hatman - 2012-02-28

I feel like a hyperactive 8-year old again. "... And then! At 4:30? COBRA shows up! And then, and then! He does some cool stuff and then TRANSFORMERS!"

TeenerTot - 2012-02-28

Now I must stroke my beard and complain about who is missing.

I'm going to go with....The Blues Brothers

chumbucket - 2012-02-28

No Ronin (possibly too much Europe?) nor To Live And Die In LA (too outdated?)
Oh and no more evar thanks.

KillerGazebo - 2012-02-28

I was expecting the cop pileup from the start, but it's so hard to be disappointed in something like this.

Vaidency - 2012-02-28

Was kind of strange to see no Road Warrior, but I agree that the guy who edited this clearly did enough.

godot - 2012-02-28

Ronin is the clear omission here. Best non-CGI car chases ever. Which means they're the best car chases ever.

Also, has De Niro driving (on a dummy wheel) at 80 mph in the same sort of Paris tunnel that did Princess Di in, against traffic.

takewithfood - 2012-02-28


Duel would have provided some really good dialogue and reaction shots, too, but like Bullitt I suppose it might look jarringly dated.

sosage - 2012-02-29

I love Bullitt, but Cobra was already cutting it close with the dated visuals. Plus, he could only use like...what...the last fourth of the chase? Most of it is on windy/hilly SF streets.

Suedeo - 2012-02-29

Crank X?
Transporter X?
James Bond X?

fatatty - 2012-02-29

Guys, it's "To be continued", all of your dreams can still come true.

Koda Maja - 2012-02-28

I'm really liking this new It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World remake.

Siebenstein - 2012-02-28

Awesome and worthy of edit-fu tag.

Dread Pirate Roberts - 2012-02-28


Pompoulus - 2012-02-28

Interdepartmental police disaster struck on the highway today when a firefight broke out between undercover officers and feeral agents

also, transformers.

Pompoulus - 2012-02-28

That should obviously read 'feral agents'.

fedex - 2012-02-28

that was beautiful

now, my snit list:

Blues Brothers
Road Warrior

fedex - 2012-02-28

oh, and French Connection and To Live and Die in FUCKING L.A. DUH!!!!

Louis Armstrong - 2012-02-29

Add in some:

Dark Knight
Blues Brothers
The Chase(in particular Anthony Kiedis and Fleas monster truck)
Johnny Dangerously(it could work)
Flight of the Navigator vs Top Gun

Hatman - 2012-02-29

I hope part 3 begins with FireFox blowing up Bruce Willis's truck and then going to an epic furball including Top Gun, Flight of the Intruder, The Final Countdown, Iron Eagle, Hot Shots, and Dr. Strangelove.

Hatman - 2012-02-29

... and Return of the Jedi.

TheSupafly - 2012-03-04

That had me giggling

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