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Nikon - 2012-08-11

This was a really, really good Megaman game.

themilkshark - 2012-08-11

Nice animation! Freaky too!

Caminante Nocturno - 2012-08-11

So I guess a robot that goes on a killing spree can actually blame the voices in his head.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-08-11

I had this game back in middle school, and loaned it to my "friend" Josh, who then came to me one day and said "Oh, I forgot to tell you I'm moving three hours north tomorrow, and I didn't bring your game back, so I guess I'll be keeping it!"

So yeah, don't let people at school borrow your games, unless you know where they live, kids!

garcet71283 - 2012-08-11

Stories like this make me glad I grew up as a PC gamer.

Nobody at school had computers that could handle my games ;)

Xenocide - 2012-08-11

Why does every childhood PC gaming story I hear sound so damn lonely?

dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-08-12

The same reason all the "PC MASTER RACCCEEEE!" message board posts you see today sound so lonely.

Xenocide - 2012-08-11

The Double plot twist was awesome. For most of the game he's giving you missions and telling you where to go, and then suddenly he's a boss you have to fight.

So this was like if you got to kill Navi midway through Ocarina.

TSR - 2012-08-11

Talk about a double-take!

Xenocide - 2012-08-12

For fifty dollars, David Caruso will come to your house and say that while putting on sunglasses. For an additional ten he'll bring his boombox with a Who tape in it, and hit play at the appropriate moment.

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