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MacGyver Style Bomb - 2012-08-13

Fuck zombies.

BiggerJ - 2012-08-13

Entirely optional backstory: Team Fortress 2 depicts the seemingly endless war between two armies of clones - clones of the same nine mercenaries. They work for RED and BLU, holding corporations that secretly control most of the world between them.

RED and BLU are run by Redmond and Blutarch Mann, two feuding brothers whose main goals are to destroy each other. They had had this goal since birth. Before his death, their father Zephaniah came up with a plan to end their war: escalate it. He created three new corporations in addition to hisw own, Mann Co. He gave RED and BLU to his sons, TF Industries to his servant Elizabeth, and Mann Co. to Barnabus Hale, a burly Australian employee. TF Industries exists to arrange and organize the matches of the wargame that is Team Fortress, and Mann Co. develops technologies for the other three corporations.

Zephaniah's plan failed, of course, and the war continued for decades. TF Industries and Mann Co. were handed down from generation to generation. RED and BLU were not. Not wanting to see the other outlive themselves, Redmond and Blutarch invested in life-extending technology. However, the technology did not stop their aging.

Which made it awfully easy for their long-lost now-cyborg brother Gray to kill them both and attempt to claim his birthright (Mann Co., currently owned by the clones' new employer Saxton Hale) with his robotic Gray Team.

Killer Joe - 2012-08-13

I wonder if this is Valve ripping off Final Combat's boss mode. And adding innovation. Well played, Valve.

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