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Old_Zircon - 2012-09-01

Just skip to 45:00 or so and be prepared to be comprehensively disgusted. Or just jump to a random spot, that's what I did. I'm sure it's all horrible.

giygusattack - 2012-09-01

WHOA! He totally raped that lady!

biclops - 2012-09-01

You can take the word "borderline" out of the description

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-01

Yeah, I watched more of it since I submitted it and the whole thing (judging by the first hour, that's all I could take) is so much worse than I expected.

Even after all these years of knowing about these guys I was still shocked tho hear him literally say "if a woman says she won't sleep with you that means she's going to sleep with you," much less hear the whole audience join in because apparently that's some kind of PUA mantra now.

Prickly Pete - 2012-09-01

Apparently if you say "stop" BETWEEN countdowns, it doesn't count.

STABFACE - 2012-09-01

1:25:50 gets fun. He brings up four dudes from the audience. Apart from the only-ever black PUA, they look pretty much exactly how you'd expect.

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-01

A few years ago I found a really long-running PUA podcast by a black guy and posted it in the thread on Poe News, but I can't find it now.

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-06

Just remembered! It's Mack Lessons:


Just as awful but with a much different style.

sjohnson301 - 2012-09-01

My Douche-o-Meter went off the charts, beginning with his story at the 5:30 mark. Full of evil.

Eroticus E - 2012-09-01

Uh oh, guys! According to the comments section, he's a fraud and his techniques don't really work! :( :(

badideasinaction - 2012-09-01

PUA stuff works, but not for the reason they think. It's a magic feather tat gets the guy to ask/coerce every girl in the room, instead of just sitting there in the corner. And it gives them psychobabble bulshit confidence both to ask, and to write off all the failures so they keep asking.

It's the pyramid scam of NLP, Marketing Seminars, Personal Power etc. only applied to loely guys.

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-01

From what I've gathered, if you got rid of everything that was specific specifically about women in PUA it would be pretty much the same as a training seminar for business networking or sales.

So it's marketing lessons for aspiring date rapists.

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-01

Someone, I think on Poe News, pointed out that another big factor is that since they talk to everyone, sooner or later they find a woman who's determined to go home with SOMEBODY that night and is willing to overlook his transparent bullshit and settle.

Grandmaster Funk - 2012-09-01

That may come up sometimes, but if that's the case, why don't women just go with one of the other (ALWAYS abundant) standard drink-buying guys? If those sorts of men are supposed to be the truly desireable ones, there is never any reason for a woman to "settle" for a PUA as long as there are other men in the venue.

Far more to the point, coercive psychological techniques and sales tricks DO work, if you have or can fake some kind of charisma. Being a pushy borderline date rapist can also "work." Obviously, it doesn't make it moral, ethical, unsleazy, or foolproof.

FABIO - 2012-09-01

Well, if you strip it to its absolute core "be confident and interesting, not insecure and boring" then it's good advice.

But they pile layers and layers of sociopath robot on top of it until it's creepy soulless date rapey. It doesn't help that the people signing up for these are so socially broken to begin with that they'd never really "get it".

It's the equivalent of giving humor seminars to tea baggers. You can give the basic structure of jokes and having them nod along like they understand, the end product is just shouting "OBAMA!" for every punchline before they go shoot up a building.

Grandmaster Funk - 2012-09-01

I invariably run into PUA guys almost every time I go to a busy bar nowadays (which is rare for this and other reason). Most all of the time, the girls I'm with think they are gay, and sometimes end up hanging out with them and in one case got attempted date raped. So they basically fit the stereotype you would imagine.

badideasinaction - 2012-09-01

Grandmaster: the reason is that all the "can I buy a drink" folks go after the same 10% of the people there while the PUA folks go after everyone. If it works one in every twenty times, it'll hit.

Most business networking and sales things -are- scams. Maybe five percent of the people "have it", the rest are themselves the marks who are trying to learn stuff that they never will be able to do.

I've known enough guys trying to be lke this, and they're the ones who fall for all of this. They're not the student, they're the mark.

Eroticus E - 2012-09-02

My pickup technique is being very handsome. It works every time.

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-02

Pretty much what Fabio said. If you take out 100% of the "pua" parts of it then there's a little bit of solid, basic social skills advice (talk to people, be confident, don't be a complete slob and try to keep you job and living situation in order) that could be more easily and tastefully gotten somewhere other than a rapist convention.

giygusattack - 2012-09-01

I always figured, that if a rapist released a 2 hour detailed confession of all of this crimes he would go to jail; yet this guy gets to open his own rapist dojo and receive fabulous cash prizes?

magnesium - 2012-09-01

"Rapist dojo" is what I'm going to call PUA communities from now on.

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-01

No, see, if you give a woman a five second countdown BEFORE you rape her then it's not rape, it's seduction. Clearly a whole different thing.

giygusattack - 2012-09-01

Is that before or after her reproductive organs shut themselves down?

FABIO - 2012-09-01

Okay okay THIS time is the last count down, I swear!

dek863 - 2012-09-01

Five stars for the rape countdown alone.

Old_Zircon - 2012-09-04

I just came back in here to emphasize that the founder of the convention this happened at is a big fan of Ayn Rand. Big surprise.

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