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Enjoy - 2012-09-09

A-hole pitbull defenders in 3..2...1...

Shoebox Joe - 2012-09-09

Haha, oh damn I'm going to do this.

One of my previous neighbors had a mating pair of Rottwieller's. They were defensively aggressive, but were nice once they got used to you. What didn't help was chronic anxiety and living too poor to have insurance, and the only way to my door was through the fence, but the owner knew the best way to get them docile was to have a good amount of contact. The dogs were extremely well disciplined, they didn't lean on you and would only get in the way by not being attentive. Heck, they even wanted to play with me at one point.

This guy however, has a friggin' adult sized family of pit bulls. Running freely in the front yard with guests and doing whatever they want in the backyard. Even worse is that this is a person in a wheelchair. I've seen a donkey literally shit a brick all because a child was wearing a bike helmet. Amidst that we don't know what experience with aggressive situations with the disabled person has, but even "standing still until they leave" won't even help, even if it was a smaller amount of dogs.

Shoebox Joe - 2012-09-09

Oh wow, I don't think anyone doesn't know I'm fighting through hell now.

Yeah, wheelchair lady ain't the owner, but if she ever gets caught by the dogs, kiss your android metal ass good bye.

misterbuns - 2012-09-10

delicious word salad, shoebox.

Shoebox Joe - 2012-09-10

This neighbor is a real asshole
He let's his dogs go everywhere.
They chew each other up.
This guy can kiss a chihuahua's booty hole
I hope he gets arrested and taken to jail.

Old People - 2012-09-10

I look forward to hearing more from this "Shoebox Joe".

Old People - 2012-09-10

PS Bonus stars for the little song/poem that begins "This neighbor is a real asshole". Please conclude all of your threads with one of these, Shoebox!

Rudy - 2012-09-10

"I've seen a donkey literally shit a brick all because a child was wearing a bike helmet."

I bet there's a great story behind that. Please tell me more!

Shoebox Joe - 2012-09-11

Me and my family took a walk down a rural street by a farm. My mother would always stop by to feed it. The kids were riding their bikes. We stopped by, the donkey came out just as usually, but when it came to the kids, it froze up until their helmet's were taken off.

The Mothership - 2012-09-10

Those people clearly don't give a fuck lady, best to move on for your own safety.

TeenerTot - 2012-09-10

This made me very angry. And sad for the dead dog. Some people should not be allowed to have animals.

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