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GravidWithHate - 2012-09-18

As of 2012-09-18: 39,116 backers, ,560,989 pledged of ,100,000 goal, 28 days to go.

Time to go throw my money on the pile I guess.

badideasinaction - 2012-09-18

So basically Kickstarter is now blatant ransomware by companies who should have the funds to make the game already. Not surprised but was hoping that transition would take a bit longer.

FABIO - 2012-09-19

Nothing will ever be worse than the Penny Arcade kickstarter.

Blue - 2012-09-19

It's fucking great! Kickstarter may be the solution to the apple pie problem. When people make a game, they get paid based on the number of units sold. Shit that is bland but tolerable by a wide range of people sells the best. The game maker makes the same amount of money from a customer that bought the game and kind of liked it as they do from a customer that loved the game so much they got a tattoo about it. Some of the best games were commercial failures.

Kickstarter lets people that are passionate about something give it the green light because it's good even if it's not likely to make a lot of money. I support that.

FABIO - 2012-09-18

Alpha Protocol was such an underrated game. Imagine if something like that got AAA treatment instead of the godawful Metal Gear games.

bongoprophet - 2012-09-18

hey hey hey.. can't we have both?

the craziness of the Metal Gear games is something I would love to see more of in today's world of trite scripts.

WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2012-09-18

Imagine if it had fun/not broken core gameplay that made the combat as fun as the dialogue

FABIO - 2012-09-19

The first MGS game had juuuuust the right amount of editing to keep Kojima in check and still keep it fun and crazy.

They should go back to that.

(and ditch the intentionally asinine control scheme"

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-09-18

Top down isometric RPG?

memedumpster - 2012-09-18

Holy crap, I have never seen frumpy guys and nerds rendered so stunningly!

garcet71283 - 2012-09-18

I am looking forward to playing this in 2022 when the fans finally patch it to a playable state!

That guy - 2012-09-19

These stars are either for you, or the "bugs be damned" disclaimer, or for the Schrodinger's rating worth of [love or hate] that I will have for this.

Boy can Obsidian make a shitty-awesome game.

Hooker - 2012-09-18

So when does Microsoft make a Kickstarter for their next iteration of Windows?

urbanelf - 2012-09-18

It's an RPG development RPG.

theSnake - 2012-09-19

the best part of kickstarters is watching old nerds grovel for money and then pirating their games

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